Cosmetics Mandatory Brought while Traveling

In addition to clothing, cosmetics are an important element to enhance the appearance of women, including while on vacation. In addition to helping still look beautiful, cosmetics can also help maintain healthy skin.Here are 5 women cosmetics that must be taken when traveling far away or on vacation as reported by Glamour.

1. Moisturizers lipHydration often arise while on vacation. As a result, the lips become dry and cracked. To fix this use a lip balm or honey without chemicals.

2. SunscreenSunscreen helps protect from sun exposure. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 50. kandyungan mineral and That way, the skin will remain healthy and free from skin problems.

3. Hair OilsVacation at the beach, do not forget to use hair oil. Moreover, you fill the holiday with a swim. Well, hair oil will help keep hair moist, not easily fragile and disheveled.

4. Soap bathNot all hotels provide soap. If soap provided by the hotel, sometimes it is not always compatible with all skin types, consequently the skin becomes dry. Therefore, make sure you bring soap that suits your needs.

5. CottonCotton is often forgotten by many women when going on holiday. In fact, cotton can help flatten makeup and exfoliate dead until the dirt after a day of vacation.

Complete List of Skin Care Products & Cosmetics JAFRA

The following list contains harga kosmetik JAFRA selection of products, a leading global beauty company with a direct sales system that has been active since 1959.The long list of JAFRA products can also be considered as an online catalog to assist you in understanding the JAFRA products before deciding to wear it.

Royal Jelly Lift ConcentrateJafra Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate_BiutivaJAFRA Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate, often referred to as Serum Royal Jelly, is a unique product in the form of gel concentrate containing liposomes royal jelly, a complex mixture of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and Cellspan Complex.Perform routine maintenance using Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate for 28 days to make the skin look firmer and lustrous.By performing regular maintenance, moisture will be back, pores will look smoother, and wrinkles will fade due to increased cell regeneration.

jafra Royal Jelly Body ComplexJAFRA Royal Jelly Body Complex-biutivaJAFRA offered products Royal Jelly Body Complex, which also became one of the superior JAFRA products, to help nourish the skin.JAFRA Royal Jelly Body Complex is processed with modern technology to contain anti-aging and Ayurvedic Cellspan Complex Antioxidant Blend.Royal jelly is a special food for the queen bee which is rich in nutrients and good for the skin.Royal Jelly Milk Balm AdvancedJAFRA Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced_biutivaRoyal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced is one of the featured products that are trusted JAFRA since decades ago that helps nourish the skin.

JAFRA Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced processed with modern anti-aging technology contains Sirtuin activators, Cellspan Complex, and Ayurvedic Antioxidant Blend.Malibu Miracle MaskJafra Mask_Biutiva1Malibu Malibu Miracle Miracle Mask is one of JAFRA products are becoming Best Seller in many countries.JAFRA Malibu Miracle Mask very effectively removes dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin tissue.Additionally,

JAFRA Malibu Miracle Mask can moisturize the skin because it contains natural moisturizers that honey and almond meal.Mud MaskMud Mask-biutivaJAFRA Mud Mask (Mud Mask) made of mud minerals from the Dead Sea (Dead Sea), natural clay, vitamin E, Ayurvedic plants, as well as antioxidants.Mud Mask helps cleanse the face and body, freeing clogged pores, remove excess oil and impurities and dead skin cells.

Use jafra Mud Mask on face and body spa treatments thoroughly at home.Brightening Lotion SPF 15Brightening Lotion SPF 15-biutivaJAFRA Brightening Lotion SPF 15 is a lightweight facial moisturizer to smooth and brighten the skin.SPF 15 and IntelliShield Advanced + contained in JAFRA Brightening Lotion SPF 15 protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and the negative influence of the environment.In addition, this product also contains a Smart Bright Complex which is a mixture of natural ingredients of Ayurvedic plants such as Winter Cherry, Emblica and Licorice that make skin smoother and brighter.Brightening Dynamics: Skin Brightener +JAFRA Skin Brightener Brightener + + _

biutivaSkin JAFRA is an excellent product that helps to dull skin becomes brighter, even out skin tone, and make skin glow naturally.JAFRA Skin Brightener + is a gel containing the herbs in Ayurveda Brightensmart Complex containing natural ingredients such as Winter Cherry, Emblica and Licorice that make your skin smooth, bright, and sparkling.Brightening Dynamics: Brightening TonerJAFRA Brightening Toner Brightening Toner_biutivaJAFRA functioning refresh and revitalize the skin, and makes the skin bright and healthy glow.This toner contains Brightensmart Complex which is a combination of natural materials such as Winter Cherry Ayurveda, Emblica and Licorice that make skin brighter, healthier, and shiny.JAFRA Brightening Toner makes skin look moist, remove the oil or dry skin, and maintain the pH balance of the skin.Brightening

PenPen_biutiva1JAFRA Brightening Brightening Pen is a special care to address dark spots, usually triggered by hormonal problems, which appear on the face, neck or hands.Brightening Pen is only used locally or directly on a targeted area of ​​skin that has pigmentation problems.This product is recommended by those aged 30+, especially if the skin pigmentation often encounter problems because of hormone fluctuations, exposure to sunlight, or negative influences surrounding environment.Soothing Advanced Dynamics SeriesJAFRA Soothing Advanced Dynamics Advanced Dynamics biutivaSoothing Series-Series is a series of daily care of JAFRA products intended for sensitive skin types.Advanced SensiSMART Complex yan